World University Games 2019 Live Stream | Napoli Summer Universiade

Summer Universiade 2019

The Summer Universiade is an international multi-sports university competition organized by the International University Sports Federation (FISU). It takes place every two years. It is the largest multi-sport event in the world after the Olympics.

Summer Universiade 2019



The Summer Universiade will be held this year in Naples, 60 years after the first edition of the Torino Student Olympic Games in Italy in 1959, organizers said on Friday. The 2019 edition, the thirtieth, will host from July 3 to 14 sports delegations from 124 countries, about 10,000 people between athletes and preparers, according to a statement from the organization. She will see these athletes compete in 18 disciplines ranging from athletics to athletics, badminton, basketball, fencing, football, gymnastics, judo, swimming, diving, water polo, taekwondo, table tennis, tennis and volleyball.

Participation records were set in Kazan (Russia) in 2013 for the number of athletes (11,759), and in Daegu (South Korea) in 2003 for the number of countries (174). A first international student competition took place in 1923 in Paris, but the first Student Olympic Games, or Universiade, took place in 1959 in Turin.

The 2017 edition, the competition is held every two years, was held in Taipei, much to the chagrin of China who had boycotted these games. It will be present in Naples and will host in Changu the edition 2021. Winter Universiade also take place every two years. The last edition took place in March in Russia.

The Swiss delegation will participate with about 82 athletes representing 11 sports disciplines. The athletes, who will represent Switzerland according to the motto of the delegation “Passion. Challenge. Success. Will do their best to achieve their best performances and to collect diplomas and medals.

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