Kilkenny vs Tipperary Live Stream How to Watch Online All Ireland Hurling Final Free

Kilkenny vs Tiperarry live stream

This 18th August 2019, All Ireland Hurling Senior Championship Final Live Stream, play between the teams of Kilkenny and Tipperary, at the Croke Park stadium in Dublin. Kilkenny is the favorite team with his record of 33 wins from All-Ireland. Kilkenny vs Tipperary Live Stream hurling competitions in Ireland are organized by the Gaelic Athletics Association (GAA). The National Hurling League is a contested competition between the different Counties and runs from November to March. She is also playing the lead role at Hurling’s most prestigious competition, the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship, also known as the Guinness Hurling Championship. It runs from May to September and opposes several amateur teams.

Kilkenny vs Tipperary Live Stream How to Watch Online

Event ALL Ireland
Hurling Final
Date 18 August 2019
Venue Croke Park
Live Stream
 Watch Here

Discovered by chance while visiting the city of Kilkenny, Hurling is the most popular Gaelic sport in Ireland. The Kilkenny Hurling team, The Cats is famous in the country and has many fans. It is not surprising that during the competition, the entire city is buzzing and supporting its team by decorating the streets and donning the yellow and black colors of Kilkenny.

The period of our trip was timely because the Irish Hurling championship final was to take place on the following Sunday, September 9 at Croke Park in Dublin. And once is not customary, the Kilkenny team was finalist, opposed to its rival Galway City. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to see the match, and it is not without having looked in several pubs of the city of Killarney.

Principle of the game

Hurling is a purely Irish sport and the oldest European field game, probably of Celtic origin. He opposes two teams of 15 players, with a goalkeeper in each side, for a match of 2 times 35 minutes.

Helped with their butt, called hurley, players must score points by placing a small ball, the sliotar, in the opposing goal.

The sliotar should not be picked up from the ground by hand. However, once picked up, it can be sent by hand or lacrosse, played by foot or kept in hand (no more than 4 steps) or on the butt end for a solo-run (running with the ball in balance on the butt).

There are two ways to earn points:

  • By scoring in the goal resembling that of rugby, H-shaped: if the ball is sent on the upper part between the two poles, the team scores 1 point;
  • By scoring in the goal looking like a football cage with a goalkeeper: if the ball is sent into the cage, the team scores 3 points.

The score displays two numbers spaced by a space, the first is the number of goals in the net and the second the number of goals between the posts. So, if the score shows 3-11 it means that the team scored 3 goals at 3 points and 11 goals at 1 points, which is 3 × 3 + 11 = 20 points.

The most dangerous sport?

The Hurling is known to be a very fast game, the sliotar hit by a stick can reach 110 km / h see 160 km / h! The worst thing is that there is no protection for the goalkeepers, gloves or protective grid. The goalkeepers find themselves having to catch the sliotar with bare hands, or to send it back with the help of the hurley to a raging team arriving in front … Ambiance guaranteed. And on the field, although it is forbidden to tackle a player, failures and Body Checks are common.

Hurling players in Ireland are admired for their guts (or their madness), but that can be expensive. Researchers have studied the dangerousness of Hurling in national competition and 127 players, 114 were injured, or 82%. Match injuries were 19 times higher than during training. Goalkeepers are not the most affected, but when this happens, injuries are generally more serious: eye fractures, crushed testis (Joe Quaid), loss of a ring finger (Fitzgerald).

To prevent accidents and protect players, the Gaelic Athletics Association (GAA), which regulates Hurling in Ireland, introduced helmets with face protection grilles in 2009. Mandatory only for those under 21 years, the helmet has become for everyone in 2010. Some resist however shouting loudly that the visibility is reduced and even cut the gates to leave only those who do not bother them.

How to Watch Kilkenny vs Tipperary Live Stream Online

Wherever you are in the world, here’s how you are able to adhere to the All-Ireland football final with RTÉ activity on Sunday.

Through RTÉ Player, online on TV with RTÉ television , worldwide using GAAGO, in your mobile device with RTÉ News Today and by way of short wave to Africa with RTÉ Radio, then there aren’t any shortage of ways to access the match.

RTÉ.ie includes previews, reviews and evaluation out of The top GAA analysts, includes, live TV and Radio screening, streaming and a live site to keep you right up to date with functions in Croke Park.

About TV, Michael Lyster and friends will then be live on RTÉ2 in Croke Park for most of the build up in 2.30pm. Throw-in is currently 3.30pm.

WATCH Around the World

GAAGO is carrying all the actions from your last at Croke Park to viewers around the world.

Gaelic sports and GAA have long served the Irish nationalist strategy. During the British occupation period, Gaelic sports served to preserve the Gaelic tradition while fueling the Irish cultural renaissance. In Northern Ireland, the majority of GAA members are Catholic and the GAA continues to be strongly committed to Celtic traditions.

The sponsorship of the Galway International Hurling Festival by Aer Lingus, one of the country’s leading airlines and the inclusion of this event in the global strategy of Gathering 2013 (a year-long cultural festival celebrating culture and culture). the Irish diaspora while inviting Irish expatriates to reinvest in Ireland) are therefore an integral part of a well-defined government politico-cultural strategy. By inviting teams from around the world to participate in the festival, Ireland celebrates its millennial traditions while putting these customs to use for the country’s economic future.

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