Samoa Pacific Games 2019 Live Stream Online APIA TV

The Samoa Pacific Games 2019 Live Stream are scheduled to be the XVI edition of the Pacific Games. Which will be carried out in Apia, Samoa.

The event was initially awarded to Nuku’alofa, Tonga, but the Tonga government officially withdrew from the celebration in May 2017, amid worries in the country could face financial difficulties if it proceeded.
In mid-2012, two cities were confirmed as serious buyers in the 2019 Pacific Games celebration. The final presentations of the offers were made on October 19, 2012 in Wallis and Futuna.

Pacific Games 2019 Live Stream

Event  Pacific Games
Start Date  7 July 2019
End Date  20 July 2019
Live Stream
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Samoa Pacific Games 2019 Live Stream

The 2019 Pacific Games will be the 16th (16th) edition of the top multi-sport tournament in Oceania and will be played in Apia, Samoa, where it will be the third time that the city organized the games since it was done in 1983 and 2007. They were originally stipulated to be carried out in Nukualofa, Tonga; But the country withdrew from the organization for economic reasons.

List of Sports played in Pacific Games 2019 Apia Samoa

3×3 basketball
Lawn bowls
Outrigger canoeing
Rugby league nines
Rugby sevens
Table tennis
Touch rugby
Beach volleyball


In the first year of 2015, the series has been used to score 3 bronze and double-use equipment, you do not have to get the tickets ineffective. Pour ses XVIème Pacific Games, the objectif was done by the French federation, the masculine engineer was tempted by gold.Chez les filles, trained by Patrice Cotti, the level of foreign literature and the prudence will be of mise.


The greatest sporting event of the Pacifique area is from 6 au 20 juillet 2019 to Apia, in Samoa. The opening ceremony of this 16th edition will be released on the 6th of July. The sport federations of Polynésie française will be prepared … but not everybody.

Initially, the 16th edition of Pacific Games (formerly Pacific Games 2019 Live Stream) had failed to take place in Tonga, but for economic reasons and structures, Royaume I stopped. Samoa was up because I had a candidate with Guam. Finally, the bureau exécutif du conseil des Jeux avait fait le choix de «l’expérience». In effect, Samoa has organized the Pacific Games in 2007 and the Jeux de la jeunesse du Commonwealth of 2015, for its recent cite deux recent manifestations. But for that year 2019, Polynesie Francaise did not want to leave the party for a long time, the sporting events of Fenua not giving way to the success of the conseil des Jeux. The reason The boycott of Mini-Jeux du Vanuatu in 2017.

Table Tennis

“Where goes essayer of gagner, it will be more successful than in 2015”, tempera Alizé Belrose, technical director of the Tahitian federation of table tennis. In fact, the federation did not anticipate the departure of the best of its players after the 2015 games and attended late to promote the discipline of jeunes. Thanks to the promotion I have for the sport, the federation has more than one of the leading members of the board, who, at 10 years of age, has no qualifications in this regard.

The selection is essentially composed of young men with more than three years of practice in table tennis, the return to Samoa will be a premier contact for schools and you will be able to prepare for the competitions that suivront.


Tahiti’s selections of female and female basketball-ball when he obtained his first qualification of the Polynesia Cup during the month of November 2018. The girls joined the promette of a silver medal and the waiters for a nice gold medal. Pour rappel, in Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée in 2015, we will have a selection of bronze medal credits.

Au niveau basketball, the great new event of the 2019 edition, won over in the 5X5 tournament. Il ya aura also a 3X3 tournament. Faisons is a plus plus connaissance with our selections.


Last year’s Pacific Games in Port Moresby, the golf lesson is also brilliant because the daughters are still alive, and the girls are arriving to the 6th place. A class of the highest levels of ethnic studies and the lack of prepaid des clients. Francis Mayes, trainer of the golf course, considers that in the space of 4 years, the level of sports lovers is considered to be better, who is looking forward to my best results for juillet prochain.
Ils sont 8 golfeurs à part pour Apia, les meilleurs de Polynésie, dont 4 jeunes espoirs from 14 to 18 ans. Francis Mayes argued: “Pour ces jeux, where a beautiful skiing dont niveau is nigely meilleur in Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée. I’d like to report to the female executive, where I am still confident that I am sure that it will be better than in 2015. Well, the Nouvelle-Calédonie is almost impenetrable, wherever it goes to meet the creditworthiness. ”


The last participation of the selection of the Pacific Games dates from 2011 to Noumea car le badminton and not part of the disciplines in Lice aux Jeux 2015. Celle-ci was rated class 3th elite level. Last year, Pacific Games also gave his first participation in the Federation Tahitienne de Badminton (FTB), which he was created in 2007. Pour Apia, the most trusting part I missed was the lack of financially active people at your disposal for your athletes’ perfection.
On board in 2016, when the players took over the silver medal in simple and double hommes as well as the bronze medal for equipment. Maybe in 2018, with the silver in simple hommes et le bronze parche. Enfin, in Fevrier dernier, the athlete where he reported the silver in simple homme. Thank you for your successful results and constant progress from the joueurs, the tentative federation of hisser sur le podium. Performance that makes you want to get closer to other nations do not know the international level is confirmed.

Open Water

Wherever you could find you favored me in the discipline of the 5km Free Nation but where I was able to give you the gold medal. Le Tahitien in reussi are coup in coiffant and sprint Hugo Savignac who had already played the course.


The two football teams made their first appearance in the sixteenth edition of Pacific Games sur le Toleafoa J. S. Blatter Soccer Fields. The hommes were opposed to Fiji while the women were evoluating towards Cook Island. A competition difficile debut for the selections of those who stand in their inclinations.

Beach Vollyball

With a warm and welcoming couples, the premiere day of Beach Volley and the Tahiti rater masculine rider are enthroned in the competition by the selection Samoan sur le score of 2 sets to 1.

After a good start for the 1st set, Jeremie Paraue et Ena Terau, where he played in the last minutes, he lost the first manch 25-23. The second half was largely on 21 – 15 and in the last Sunday, Samoan, advantage for emporter 15 to 11.