Do You Know Which are the National and Most Important Sports in Ireland?

Ireland has always stood out for being a country full of singularities, not only in time, nature, its traditions or legends, but also for sport. The dominant sport is not English football, basketball or tennis; The dominant sports on San Patricio Island are Gaelic Football and Hurling.


Some of the citizens of the island were worried about the extinction of these two sports, this was due to the growing popularity of British sports such as football or rugby but it was greatly influenced by the strong Irish nationalism that had resurfaced with great force after the Great Famine and that caused that these two sports prevailed on the others.

The national sports of Ireland

What is Gaelic football?

Gaelic football is a mix between football, handball and rugby, so you can kick the ball with your leg, take it with your hands and be able to make tackle but not as rough as in rugby. There are many differences with football that we all know, that of Barça, Madrid or Atlético.

All Ireland Football

Starting with the pitch, which is about 130 to 145 meters long and 90 meters wide, with an H-shaped goal on each side, with a net at the bottom as if it were a football goal and the upper part similar to the rugby goal; and in which to play 11 against 11 the match would be very long; that’s why Gaelic football plays 15 against 15.

Its championship, the All Ireland Football Final 2019 Live Stream, is the biggest event of the year in Ireland, in fact its final matches are played at Dublin’s Croke Park, one of the largest stadiums in Europe with capacity for 80,000 spectators. This year Dublin vs Kerry Live Streaming is taking part on the all Ireland football final.

Gaelic Football Rules

The rules you must know to practice this sport are the following:

  • You can not take the ball directly from the ground with your hands.
  • You can not throw the ball with your hands without hitting it.
  • You can not walk four steps without letting go, bouncing or doing soloing.
  • The ball cannot be changed hands.
  •  It is not allowed to use both hands to make a tackle.
  • You can not push or demolish the opponent, grab the shirt.

Today we can see how many sports are “getting dirty” little by little because of the money in between, many do not feel the shield, but they play for money. Here in Ireland everything is different; no player receives money in exchange for playing, moreover, being able to play for their county is an honor and a pride for them.

What is hurling?

Something striking in the history of this sport is that it was banned in the thirteenth century due to its great violence on the pitch. But in 1884 the Gaelic Athletic Association, responsible for organizing and administering this sport, organized the first national championship in Ireland.

All Ireland HurlingIts intensity, pace and speed in the game make it the fastest sport in the world. So you can get an idea, it is similar to hockey and is played with a stick called hurl and a ball of a fairly small size called sliotar. In this game there is also a female version called “camogie”. As for the pitch, the teams and the duration, it is the same as in Gaelic football, they also play 11 against 11 and the match is divided into two parts of 35 minutes each.

As I said before, it is a fast sport with a lot of physical contact, so the players are well prepared to receive or give blows during the game, although always with the correct equipment to reduce the chances of injuries. The equipment has a helmet, mouth protection, sliotar, hurley.

Another difference is the duration of the matches. Being a very large field and having to be always in continuous movement, the times are not excessively long, you play two parts of 35 minutes each.

As for the score is totally different from other sports, you could say that in Gaelic football there are two results per team, a result is used when a player scores above the crossbar counting as a point and if it passes below it Score a goal equivalent to three points. The goal will always be protected by the goalkeeper. At the end of the match the sum of these two results of each team is made and whoever has obtained more, is the winner of the match.

Hurling Rules

It is also necessary to take note of a few rules to play this beautiful sport:

  • Players are allowed to touch the ball with their hand.
  • It is not allowed to pick up the ball from the ground with your hands. It should always be done with the stick.
  • Players cannot have the ball for more than three steps.
  • The passes between players are made by a blow with the stick.
  • No player, except the goalkeeper, can enter the 6-meter area around the goal.
  • Each goal is worth 3 points
  • If a player touches the ball and goes out the bottom line, a free kick is taken.

The main competition of the hurling is the All Ireland Hurling Final 2019 Live Stream, which is disputed by teams from different counties of the Republic of Ireland, as well as those from Northern Ireland, to which a team from London and another one join in this competition. from New York, so that this championship acquires an international nuance. The final, as in Gaelic football, is played every year at Croke Park.